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Admissions Criteria for ANCHOR:

  1. A clear written testimony in English/ French of your conversion experience, calling   to missions, and current ministry involvement in the local church in the last one year.
  2. Completed Application Form – online or print mailed to our postal address.
  3. Evidence of completion of full secondary education in local country or equivalent.
  4. Basic Bible and Theological training or evidence of an equivalent.
  5. Vocational skill and experience in a given trade.
  6. Signed Consent Form agreeing to the Statement of Faith and Standard of Conduct.
  7. Submitted 3 reference forms from: Pastor/ Spiritual Mentor | Work supervisor/Colleague | Friend/ Family.
  8. Paid the application fee and shows evidence of having 50% of academic fees for the program.
    • Application fees paid
    • Evidence of 50% Academic fee

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